Xing Interactive - "We make the Games you Play"
Xing Interactive was founded in 2001 by a group of young entrepeneurs with already many years of experience in the consumer software industry. In the first year the emphasis was on licensing 3rd party content and finding a home for these properties with other publishers and distributors. In 2002 however the company started self-publishing and commissioning development projects to studios and freelance programmers.
Currently the PC software catalogue of Xing Interactive consists of over active 100 titles and the company sells its products in 32 countries worldwide. The company is lead by professionals with more then 10 years of experience in the entertainment software industry and the focus is on creating great games which are fun to play and are affordable for everyone.

With home grown franchises like the characters from Bubu Kong™, the Dragon-X games and Caroline's Garden the company has a treasure chest of original IP to draw inspiration from and cross-media exposure with mobile versions of games with these characters available in more then 50 countries acts as a powerful branding tool.

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