Xing Interactive Franchise: Your own Computer Games Publishing Company

Xing Interactive are in business since 2001 and we have for many years used 3rd party distributors as well as other publishers to sell our products in 32 countries worldwide. In order to create effective global distribution coverage and build our brands in every country we decided it is best to look for talented entrepeneurs and experienced business people to help us accomplish this.

A Xing Interactive franchisee will de facto be our eyes and ears on the ground in his/her home country and lead the branch office. Included in this is:

- Incorporating Xing Interactive in your home country

- Establishing a web presence (with our assistance)

- Raising starting capital to fund production, sales, distribution and marketing

- Set up retail, OEM and online distribution channels (with our assistance)

- Writing a business plan (with our assistance)

Some of the benefits for franchisees are:

- Access to publish 100+ Xing Interactive PC/Mac games under exclusive license.

- Attractive terms which minimize your up front investment and are performance based.

- Support for sales, marketing and distribution from a company with a solid track record of more than 10 years in computer games publishing.

- Be your own boss. You are in control of your franchise and run it as your own business.

- Customized products for your market. Xing Interactive's development teams will work with you to create customized and localized content for your target markets.

Interested? Please contact us on for more information about the opportunities in your country. We appoint just a single franchise per country for each business unit (PC/Mac games, mobile apps and business software) so please state clearly in which territory/territories you are interested.

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